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iSurfer Shield is asolution for protecting your online identity and privacy
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iSurfer Shield is a small but nice program that allows you to protect your computer from external intrusions and maintains your complete anonymity while you are surfing the web. iSurfer Shield masks your public IP by using an IP from an external proxy server, so your real IP is never exposed. iSurfer Shield works in all web browsers, supports any internet connection, and supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols. By default, all web browsers are selected but you can choose which ones will be protected.

The process of operating the program is really easy: you need to select a proxy server from the list (there are two types of proxy servers: Premium Proxies and Public Proxies), and enable the Shield. Maybe the most important feature of iSurfer Shield is that it allows you to switch between available premium and public IPs while surfing the web without the need to restart your web browser. However, the first time you run the program it requires all web browsers to be closed in order to start hiding your IP. Other important feature is the "Disposable Email" option that allows you to generate emails to be used temporarily in your preferred email clients, e.g. for registering with websites.

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  • It protects your computer from external intrusions.
  • It maintains your complete anonymity.
  • It allows you to generate emails to be used temporarily in your preferred email clients.


  • Trial version works only for 5 days.
  • The Disposable Emails’ required period with trial version is limited to 6 hours.
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